Minerall.io vs. other Mining Pools.Our users’ experience.

Thanks to our miners we can share interesting experience with you.

One of our users is more than just curious – he is testing Mining Pools, in order to find the most profitable and shares results on BitcoinTalks and BitsMediaForum. He uses same mining equipment and power for both Mining Pools, and concurrent testing method, which is the best one to show real results.

Minerall vs. 2Miners

Test lasts for 27 days. Minerall.io gets +15% to profit.
Minerall: 0.3701 ETH
2Miners: 0.3196 ETH

Minerall vs. Nanopool

Test lasts for 5 days. Minerall.io gets +31% to profit.
Minerall: 0.0913 ETH
Nanopool: 0.06234010 ETH

Minerall vs. Sparkpool

Test lasts for 7 days. Minerall.io gets +16.36% to profit.
Minerall: 0.12520630513 ETH
Sparkpool: 0.1076 ETH

Don’t be afraid to look for better opportunities.

Every market is based on competition. And that is a great reason for each company to maintain their reputation and to self-develop. For now the majority of Mining Pools are using common tools, so the main difference is the way they communicate with miners and the profitability they can get from the same hash powers.

Decide on testing your mining solutions.

So how to choose the most profitable Mining Pool? There are a lot of mining profit calculators and reports, where you could find approximately mining profit based on average or previous results. Each Mining Pool has it’s own opinion on perfect forecasts. But that is not the best option as the results won’t be the same for each miner for sure. That is why testing is what you should definitely try.

Share you knowledge with other users.

Long story short, nothing should stop you from earning more money. With Minerall.io it is real. If you have any questions or want to share your results as well – reach us at support@minerall.io.

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