Welcome to the new Minerall.io

Meet new design

Today we’re very proud to introduce the new Minerall.io design. We hope you’ll enjoy it as we do.

We have been gathering feedback from some of our users since April 2018 and made significant improvements.

The new website has a clean design, intuitive navigation system, and more detailed relevant information for you. It is also responsive for mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices.

The redesign of the personal area for logged in users will be rolled out soon.

User and Anonymous Mining Options

There are two options for mining on Minerall.io Pool:

Anonymous mining.

If you prefer anonymous mining without registering on the pool, you can just add your personal wallet address to your mining hardware settings. To check the mining stats, please open the link and enter your wallet into the search box. You will receive auto payouts once a day if your balance reaches the minimum threshold.

 Mining for registered users

If you’re mining several coins, this option may be more convenient for you. Create an account and use the username instead of the personal wallet for miner setup. You will mine on the pool’s common wallet and then withdraw rewards to your personal wallet from Minerall.io account. You can check the mining stats in Dashboard, create reports, sort, and filter data, and manage withdrawals to different wallets (up to 10 per coin).

Mining Pools

Currently, we support the following algorithms and cryptocurrencies:

  • DaggerHashimoto/ETHASH: Ethereum (ETH)
  • EQUIHASH: Zcash (ZEC)
  • BLAKE2S: Verge (XVG) — Dual mining with DaggerHashimoto

We are always open for cooperation with large miners and can add new pools upon request.

Also, we can give some discounts on the pool fee if it meets the interests of both parties.

Competitive Advantages

  • Transparent. We do not have any hidden fees or something else unclear to our users.
  • Easy. All needed information and reports are present on the website.
  • User-friendly. Stylish and clear website design makes the mining process more comfortable.
  • Profitable. In our mining system, we use high-performance algorithms and stable infrastructure. We are constantly working on improvements to make profitability as high, as possible.
  • Support. You can contact our support team 24/7 by any comfortable means, such as ticketing system, email, or Telegram.
  • Professional. Our team members have 5+ years in the blockchain. In the future, Minerall.io can become something bigger than just a mining pool.
  • Telegram Notification Bot. Automatically receive notifications when shares are dropped and goes up. Get quick stats about your workers. Read more.

For now, it’s a beta version in the final stage. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Join Minerall.io and become a part of next big mining pool!

Website: https://atomic-temporary-198189970.wpcomstaging.com/

Contact: media@minerall.io

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