New Partner: NiceHash

We are pleased to present you a new partner, Meet the NiceHash. This platform represents the world’s largest market for buy/sell mining capacities.

What is cooperation for? is listed in the mining pools compatible with NiceHash. It means that each of our users can sell or buy power at the NiceHash. On the other hand, all customers of the exchange have free access to the mining pool.

What cooperation can be interesting to our users?

The main advantages of this miner are:

  • support of all the most popular algorithms;
  • ability to work on a GPU from AMD Radeon or Nvidia, supported by mining on a processor (CPU).

You can sell both the power of your home computer and the power of full-fledged ASIC devices. Accordingly, buying power at NiceHash is also not difficult.

The site offers support for a large number of cryptocurrencies and works with all the main mining algorithms: Equihash, SHA-256, Scrypt, x11 and CryptoNight and even rare ones, such as WhirpoolX and Keccak.

The NiceHash website also has a mining calculator. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require specification of the technical characteristics of the equipment. All you need to know is the model of the device that will be used for the extraction of cryptocurrencies. Next, you need to specify the currency that suits you the cost of one kilowatt of electricity at your rate.

In addition, NiceHash offers users earnings through an affiliate program. Access to it opens after creating an account. It is necessary to inform the technical support information about the resources where you plan to place links. The administration of the resource may approve or reject your offer. If successful, you will have access to graphic materials that can be posted on the website or blog. Your potential earnings will be about 5% of all funds that can be attracted with the help of invited users. A small bonus will also be credited once, which is 0.000005 BTC.


NiceHash is a convenient solution for those who have just started mining. In addition, the purchase of capacities will help save money and time for those who don’t want to delve deeply into the theory of mining. For those who are seriously engaged in mining, NiceHash is a good helper that fully supports

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