Telegram Notification Bot

With Telegram Bot you can automatically receive notifications:

  • about the block found;
  • about the luck changes;
  • about statistics for the day (every 4 hours);
  • about the workers status (when shares are dropped and submitted again);
  • about changing the balance (when a new block is found or you withdraw the coin).

How to use Telegram Bot?

To receive notifications about the new blocks, luck updates, just open or meet @minerall_2_bot on your Telegram, and choose the coins of interest.
To receive notifications about statistics, workers, balance changes, you need to be authorized.

How to connect Telegram Bot with your account

1. If you are a registered user, go to Settings in your personal cabinet and click the “Connect telegram bot” button.
2. If you are an anonymous user, go to Statistics. Enter your wallet address. Click the “Connect telegram bot” button.

Our Telegram Bot supports 3 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian. You can choose the language in the “Settings” – “Change language” in Telegram Bot.
If you want to stop receiving notifications and delete your account go to “Settings” – “Your minerall accounts” and click the account you want to remove.

Join and enjoy 🙂

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