Minerall Summary December 2018

Hello, dear friends! Last year is in the history and we’re glad to present you a tiny summary of our goals from December. New Partner of MINERALL.IO: EXMO We’re proud to introduce to you our new partner: EXMO cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our miners can easily change coins and altcoins (such as Dash, Dogecoin, Waves, Zcash, Monero,Продолжить чтение “Minerall Summary December 2018”

New Partner: MiningRigRentals

We are pleased to present you our new partner – MiningRigRentals. Mining Rig Rentals (MRR) gives you the opportunity to rent or to rent out a mining capacity. What is cooperation for? Minerall.io is listed in the mining pools compatible mining pools list of MiningRigRentals. It means that each of our users can sell or buy powerПродолжить чтение “New Partner: MiningRigRentals”

Weekly News Digest (07.01-14.01)

Happy New Year from Minerall.io! We are back in touch and have prepared for you the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency. We can say with confidence that the year has begun very intensively. So, let’s begin. 10 Years of Bitcoin Power In early 2009, the first bitcoin was mined. What happened during thisПродолжить чтение “Weekly News Digest (07.01-14.01)”

History of mining (part 5): Avalon Project and Butterfly Labs

Minerall.io continues the Friday-time texts that can brighten up the evening and tell you about evolution of a mining tech. This time we will tell you about two essential companies whose development helped modern mining to gain a face. Avalon Project According to users, the company called that way because of Yifu Guo, the creatorПродолжить чтение “History of mining (part 5): Avalon Project and Butterfly Labs”

Weekly News Digest (17.12-24.12)

Hey boys and girls! We have special news delivery for you: check out our weekly digest from the world of crypto by Minerall.io! Bitcoin: shut up and take my money? Difficulty of mining BTC drops for 7% last week but the price is rising up for 3 800. Read more Mine all mine: will cryptoПродолжить чтение “Weekly News Digest (17.12-24.12)”

New Partner: CEX

We are pleased to present you our new partner – CEX cryptocurrency exchange. CEX provides an individual approach to each customer, worldwide coverage, multiple payment options, and 24/7 support. What is this cooperation for? We give to exchange an opportunity to work with miners who mine cryptocurrency on Minerall.io. In addition, in the second halfПродолжить чтение “New Partner: CEX”

New Partner: EXMO

We are pleased to present a new partner of Minerall.io: EXMO cryptocurrency exchange. It is one of the most popular platforms with wide opportunities for trading and exchanging crypto coins. There are two types of miners. Some of them want to keep income in the currency it was mined. Other ones want to exchange cryptocurrencyПродолжить чтение “New Partner: EXMO”

800,000 miners left crypto market: true or false?

Answer by Igor Stadnyk, CEO Minerall.io – Mao Shixing, founder of F2Pool Mao Shixing, said that market has already left 600,000-800,000 miners since the collapse. Do you think the situation is really so terrifying? How do you think the situation affects miners? – Mao is partially right. Production of ASIC miners began in 2011 andПродолжить чтение “800,000 miners left crypto market: true or false?”

Bitcoin in Minerall.io

The main coin of crypto-world in our mining pool. If you don’t know, this currency has celebrated its decade, and now it is falling steadily. Some experts say, that in January 2019 its value will grow up again and may reach $ 300,000 or more by 2022. In 2008, a person (or group of persons)Продолжить чтение “Bitcoin in Minerall.io”


Hello, dear friends! Autumn is over and we like to introduce you a fresh part of our updates. Check it, if you don’t want to lose something really interesting! RAVENCOIN IN MINERALL.IO First one is about RVN. Know it? Want to mine it? Now you can do it in Minerall.io with full support. Read aboutПродолжить чтение “MINERALL.IO NOVEMBER 2018 UPDATES SUMMARY”