New Pool: Dash

We are happy to notify our users that now is working with Dash. What does it mean to you? Expansion and easy mining of one of the most interesting altcoins. Attractive? Totally yes! The main task of the Dash team, according to their assurances, is to work through all the processes of using theПродолжить чтение “New Pool: Dash”

Weekly digest 18.02-25.02

Hello, dear friends! We are glad to welcome you again in the latest review of the main news from last week. 11 Billion out from the market For 3 days (February 21-23), the cryptocurrency market has lost more than 10 billion dollars. Read more Ethereum is a rocket? Over the past week, Ethereum grewПродолжить чтение “Weekly digest 18.02-25.02”

Weekly digest 5.02-11.02

Hello, dear friends! prepared for you a portion of the most interesting news for last week. Ready? Then we begin! Paraguay+BitFury=Love? BitFury, the blockchain giant, plans to build a mining center in Paraguay covering 200,000 square meters. Read more HAMAS want your BTC Terrorist organization HAMAS offers to support struggle for independence by donatingПродолжить чтение “Weekly digest 5.02-11.02”


Hello and welcome, dear friends! First month of 2019 is over and now we can introduce you our fresh updates. And remember: respect is everything (if you play GTA 2, you know what we mean). Check summary for the January. New compatible pool: MiningRigRentals If you want to mine, but don’t have much enoughПродолжить чтение “MINERALL.IO JANUARY 2018 UPDATES SUMMARY”

Weekly digest 29.01-4.02

Hello, dear miners! We prepare a piece of the latest news for the last week. Prepare your eyes to read it and your brain to take it. BTC: the battle continues Bitcoin is again approaching a critical level, but Litecoin surprises everyone with a growth. Read more Nvidia, don’t be shy According to experts, representativesПродолжить чтение “Weekly digest 29.01-4.02”

Ethereum: real stone of reality?

Recent years, the excitement around cryptocurrency has begun to subside. Among the thousands of different representatives of the world of virtual currencies, two giants stood out, firmly occupying most of the market and causing the most trust among users. We are talking about Bitcoin and his younger brother – Ethereum. Bitcoin takes its place asПродолжить чтение “Ethereum: real stone of reality?”

Weekly digest 21.01-28.01

Hi there, dear miners! Welcome to our stable weekly digest about so unstable world of crypto. Let’s check, what interesting was happened. And again: BTC is in the fly (down) Bitcoin lost 3%. Other coins lost their cost too. Why does it happen? Read more Wozniak, why do you did it? Apple Co-founder sells hisПродолжить чтение “Weekly digest 21.01-28.01”

Weekly digest 14.01-21.01

Hello, dear users! We are glad to welcome you in the latest review of the main news from last week. Mining: six times worse The researchers reported that the miners’ income declined by 83% compared with the same data of Jan.2018. Read more University knows how to UNIT-e Specialists leading American universities (Stanford, Berkeley,Продолжить чтение “Weekly digest 14.01-21.01”

New Partner: NiceHash

We are pleased to present you a new partner, Meet the NiceHash. This platform represents the world’s largest market for buy/sell mining capacities. What is cooperation for? is listed in the mining pools compatible with NiceHash. It means that each of our users can sell or buy power at the NiceHash. On theПродолжить чтение “New Partner: NiceHash”

Before you go: market results of 2018

Hello, dear friends! 2018 is over and now we can make a little retrospective article about main evenеs of ’18 in crypto world. The past year was a real test of the cryptocurrency market for the ability to withstand new strikes on the course. In 2018, the value of assets fell by an average of 80%.Продолжить чтение “Before you go: market results of 2018”