Minerall welcomes all miners affected by the shutdown of mining pools in China

China’s recent ban on cryptocurrency mining activities shook the crypto world. As a result of regulatory changes, F2Pool, the largest Bitcoin mining pool with an 18% global share, suspended its services to miners from China. Apart from that, the second-largest Ethereum mining pool, Sparkpool, was forced to go further and announce a complete shutdown of mining activities in both mainland China and the rest of the world. It looks like we will see a further suspension of crypto mining in the region in the coming weeks.

Your mining experience with Minerall

The Minerall team and network are prepared to onboard new users to drive crypto adoption to new heights. If you are a crypto miner who has been affected by the shutdown of the two main pools in China and wish to continue activities, start mining Ethereum with low fees and high profits with Minerall now.

Why choose Minerall

Minerall.io is a multicoin mining pool that is on average 15% more profitable for Ethereum mining than any market competitor. We also ensure 24/7 live support, daily real-time PPLNS payouts and 100% uptime.

Crypto miners choose Minerall as it directs their resources to the highest profitability and ensures top-notch security. Anonymous mining and low 2% fees are also guaranteed.

Learn more about Minerall: https://minerall.io/ Explore our miner stats: https://minerall.io/minerstats/

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