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Your GPU-mining in maximum

Are you starting mining on the video cards (GPU)? Then you will quickly come to the conclusion that you need to increase the performance of the device by two, three, and better, five times. Mountains of recommendations on the forums, tons of tips, sometimes contradictory. Head spinning, right?

In any case, experiments with a video card, drivers and software can lead to disastrous consequences: overheating and hardware’s breakdown. To prevent this from happening, the wisest decision is to contact a real expert who will not load you with step-by-step instructions but simply set up your farm for the maximum values ​​for mining a target coin. Is it real? Sure, if you mine with the mining pool.

How does differ from other pools in accelerating your device?

What is the video card accelerating?

The main objective of accelerating (or raising the power indicators) is to improve the mining indicators and/or reduce energy costs by removing the limitations that are imposed by the manufacturer. This can be compared with the tuning characteristics of a sports car: take a serial model and turn it into a racing monster.

A video card is an extremely “flexible” device for settings, but its operation is supported by a huge number of parameters, for example:

All these features can be easily adjusted. If you know how, of course. It should be noted that for each coin it is necessary to configure the GPU-miner individually: some coins load the RAM, others – the central processor of the video card. In the intricacies, you can get confused and make mistakes that will lead to fatal consequences.

Help from

We will not give you advice on mining, recommend these or other methods of video cards’ accelerating. Practice shows that it is ineffective. We strive for efficiency together, right? And if so, mining pool offers you a new service – help of our specialist in setting up your device.

How is the setting going?

– Leave a request on the site;

– A specialist contacts you;

– Analysis of your equipment;

– Transfer of remote access to equipment;

– Customization;

– Test time 2-3 days;

– Reception of work.

Easy enough, right? That’s because we are interested in our users getting the maximum profit from mining. And everything else, we just like to help good people. If you want to have these service – join our Support Telegram channel

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