Minerall.io and Cex.io: a partnership that will give you a profit

Mining pool Minerall.io is pleased to inform our users about the new format of cooperation with CEX.io.

What is it?

It has been verified that our users can easily and quickly change the coins on the stock exchange, and CEX clients can mine coins at our mining pool. But this is only a part of cooperation – we went even further. Now our users could fully enjoy simple and smart mining. But how?

Minerall.io with СEX.io offers our users to have a profit without any actions. Looks like a fairy tale or a trick? No, this is a delegation of coins that will increase their number. You just have to harvest and enjoy success.

How does it work?

Our users can exchange or sell their hard-earned coins, but also give them to CEX.io specialists for use. This is similar to a regular bank deposit, with the only difference that a profit is instantly credited to your account and you can immediately see how your coins work and generate profit. The greater the amount you share, the greater will be your profit.

What is delegated proof of stake?

The delegated Proof of Stake system is slightly different from the standard PoS rewarding users for certain activities on the network. It allows all users to get extra profit. Every coin holder on this network can vote for the delegates who will create blocks and get a reward that will be shared with the voters.

An important condition is that those coins should be kept as a stake, which means that one cannot actively use them. Later, block producers share the forged reward with the users who elected them. Thus, everyone who has delegated his votes to a block producer will get a sort of passive income.

What is the main catch for our users?

The idea itself is not anew, but many users expressed their wishes about the possibility of obtaining profit from coins. Up to this point, no one platform gave users a similar opportunity. We decided to correct this injustice together with CEX.io: now each of our users can receive additional income and round-the-clock support from us and our partners so that the mined coins work for you!

About CEX.io

We are pleased to cooperate closely with CEX.io:  it is one of the largest online cryptocurrency exchange services. Since 2013, the company provides cloud mining services. CEX.io provides worldwide individual support, worldwide coverage, multiple payment options, and 24/7 support.

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