Hello and welcome, dear friends!

First month of 2019 is over and now we can introduce you our fresh updates. And remember: respect is everything (if you play GTA 2, you know what we mean). Check Minerall.io summary for the January.

New compatible pool: MiningRigRentals

If you want to mine, but don’t have much enough capacity on your PC – you can rent it on MiningRigRentals. Or, if you want to rent out your miners’ capacity – welcome to MiningRigRentals too. All in all, that’s a great opportunity for all miners to make a profit (with Minerall.io, of course).

New compatible pool: NiceHash

Sure, you know NiceHash. It is the world’s largest market for buy/sell mining capacities. What is the idea of cooperation with? Simply. Each of our users can sell or buy power at the NiceHash. and that means that Minerall.io is listed in mining pools compatible with NH. Enjoy!

New Pool: Dash

For happiness of altcoin-fans, we start to support Dash coin in our mining pool. Now, you can easily mine it on Minerall.io. We are sure that this coin has prospects and its price will only grow.

UX optimization of Minerall.io

Every day we collect feedback from miners in our Telegram-chat and prepare updates for the most simple and convenient mining. We try to optimize all moments and details. One of the update details (small but important) is new “Total Mined” column in “Your mining stats” table on Dashboard. Enjoy your mining with Minerall.io


Well, see you next summary for February!

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