Weekly digest 21.01-28.01

Hi there, dear miners! Welcome to our stable weekly digest about so unstable world of crypto. Let’s check, what interesting was happened.

And again: BTC is in the fly (down)

Bitcoin lost 3%. Other coins lost their cost too. Why does it happen? Read more

Wozniak, why do you did it?

Apple Co-founder sells his BTC at peak of 20 000$. Why did Steve say it in Nordic Business Forum? Read more

Gold is better than BTC

Investors are more likely to invest in gold than in cryptocurrency. Read more

New Year – New Problem

Want to know, how to be with your own tokens? Read the opinion of an expert (Michael J. Casey) and think wisely. Read more

Digitalo Italiano: What’s going on?

The Senate enacts legislation on the blockchain and its regulation at the state level. Read more

Scam shall not pass!

Scammers were detained in Thailand. They received more than $ 8 million through their project. Read more

China’s first: unexpectable rating

The Chinese government has published a rating of state-supported cryptocurrency. And bitcoin is not a favorite there. Read more

That’s all, folks! See you next week in Minerall.io digest!

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