Weekly digest 14.01-21.01

Hello, dear Minerall.io users! We are glad to welcome you in the latest review of the main news from last week.

Mining: six times worse

The researchers reported that the miners’ income declined by 83% compared with the same data of Jan.2018. Read more

University knows how to UNIT-e

Specialists leading American universities (Stanford, Berkeley, and MIT) will create their own cryptocurrency. Read more

Crypto Abu Dhabi

The Arab countries are not lagging behind: the leaders of the economic ministries of Saudi Arabia and the UAE have agreed to create a common cryptocurrency. Read more

BTC for Russia gov=Fake

Russian government has decided to make a major purchase of bitcoins to protect against sanctions. Is it true? Read more

BTC, how much can you fall?

Experts cannot agree about bitcoin. Does it reach the bottom? One of the important opinions for analytics is from Renato Shirakashi. Read more

That’s all, folks! See you next week in Minerall.io digest!

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