New Partner: MiningRigRentals

We are pleased to present you our new partner – MiningRigRentals. Mining Rig Rentals (MRR) gives you the opportunity to rent or to rent out a mining capacity.

What is cooperation for? is listed in the mining pools compatible mining pools list of MiningRigRentals. It means that each of our users can sell or buy power at the MiningRigRentals. On the other hand, all customers of the exchange have free access to the mining pool.

How can the exchange be useful to our users?

MRR is an integrated platform to rent or hire mining equipment. On the Mining Rig Rentals pool, you can mine cryptocurrency using algorithms:

  • SHA256;
  • X11;
  • NeoScrypt;
  • X13;
  • Quark;
  • Lyra2Rev2, etc.

Users can pay in Bitcoins and Lightcoins for renting power on the Mining Rig Rentals platform. There are several qualities that distinguish mining at Mining Rig Rentals from similar platforms. First of all, when choosing equipment for rent, the user can base his choice on the current hash rate, and on the overall history of the mining.
The advantages can also include the possibility of a mass lease of up to 27 installations, and the available backup pools (5 items).


MiningRigRentals is a convenient solution for beginners. The purchase of capacities will help save money and time for those who don’t want to delve deeply into the theory of mining. For those who are seriously engaged in mining, MRR is a good hub that fully supports


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