Weekly News Digest (17.12-24.12)

Hey boys and girls! We have special news delivery for you: check out our weekly digest from the world of crypto by Minerall.io!

Bitcoin: shut up and take my money?

Difficulty of mining BTC drops for 7% last week but the price is rising up for 3 800. Read more

Mine all mine: will crypto alive next year?

Forecasts of experts are still different: someone guarantees an unprecedented rise, someone – the collapse of bitcoin. What do you think? Read more

Western Union want to play with Ripple

Western Union actively watched about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Now WU testing Ripple work. Read more

Coin for likes: Facebook’s crypto

The largest social network is working to create its stablecoin. But now only in India. Read more

Bitmain: thumbs up for fire

There are significant orders of departments responsible for working with BCH (about 50 people) in the crypto giant on the weekend. Read more

Canada is a crypto paradise

Government and representatives of the energy sector say that Canada is the best place on Earth for mining. Read more

That’s all, folks. See you next week!

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