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The main coin of crypto-world in our mining pool. If you don’t know, this currency has celebrated its decade, and now it is falling steadily. Some experts say, that in January 2019 its value will grow up again and may reach $ 300,000 or more by 2022.

In 2008, a person (or group of persons) with the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto published in open source a file with a description of the protocol. In 2009, he completed the development of the protocol and published the code of the client program.

The first bitcoin transaction was on January 12, 2009 – Satoshi Nakamoto sent 10 Bitcoins to Hal Finney. You probably know the story after that.


Bitcoin few times lost more than 60% of value. At the same time, almost immediately after the fall, a sharp increase occurred. Look at the chronology of the BTC fall:

June – November 2011: from 32$ to 2$ (–94%)

June 2012: from 7$ to 4$ (–36%)

April 2013: from 266$ to 54$ (–79%)

November 2013 – January 2015: from 1166$ to 170$ (–87%)

September 2017: from 5,000$ to 2,972$ (–40%)

January 2018: from 19,000$ to 7600$ (–60%)

That is why many experts are confident that in the next few months the price of BTC will rise again. Digits proof that now is a perfect time to mine bitcoin with!

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