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Weekly News Digest (11.12-17.12)

The outgoing year surprises every day. prepared a selection of the most interesting and unusual news over the past week:

400% grow of cryptojacking

Specialists of Kaspersky said that hackers increased the level of attacks on crypto world several times in one year. Read more

BTC is falling down. Again

During the year, bitcoin lost 81% of the cost and dropped below 3300. Experts are sure of a further fall in January 2019. Read more

Cryptofootball tokens

Brazilian team make currency for funs: Galo coins, which can be used to purchase tickets and souvenirs. Read more

ETH vs. BCH: who is the winner?

For the first time in the history of cryptocurrency trading, Ethereum beat Bitcoin Cash. Read more

Cryptocurrencies in China: New Rules

Experts believe that the updated legislation can seriously hit small crypto companies. Read more

That’s all, dear friends! See you next week in our digest!

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