Weekly News Digest (19.11-26.11)

New week news is coming for you! Check our fresh digest and don’t forget Minerall.io – your guide to the world of crypto news. And this is what happened in the world last week:

More millions for BHEX

The BHEX project has attracted more than $ 15,000,000 and will be launched in the coming days. Open source and large market players in the form of participants offer hope for success. Read more

39% up for Factom

Factom rises against the backdrop of the collapse of the cryptocurrency market immediately after the listing on Coincheck. Read more (Russian source)

Hello, Crypto-Ohio!

Ohio ahead of all States: taxes for bitcoin. Read more

New level down for BTC

Bitcoin broke the bottom, although it was predictable: -36% and the lowest cost since 2013. Read more

Panic at the miner’s disco

The hashrate at minus 600,000 from mid-November and the global shutdown of miners. How and why – read more.

That’s all, folks! See you next week at the Minerall.io!

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