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Ethereum Classic in!

Good news for Ethereum fans: we added Ethereum Classic to our coin listing as one of the most exciting and potentially profitable coins.

Ethereum Classic was born after the DAO hard fork (after the great hacking of wallets on Ethereum in 2016 and theft of coins totaling more than $ 50,000,000). For the first time, it started selling Poloniex on a crypto-exchange. The main advantage of Ethereum Classic is smart contracts, this program automatically checks all contract terms and fulfills all obligations.
Ethereum Classic has some essential features:

The project fully preserved all the principles of decentralization and free choice of the market.
Guarantees. The system guarantees complete security. And despite the many attacks that were made on this system, it continues to function.

Another significant advantage of this cryptocurrency is the ability to exchange on many exchanges immediately for cash inventory, without exchanging at BTC.
Ethereum Classic has an unlimited number of coins so that mining will remain in demand.

It has been confirmed that it has been the case for the blockchain platform. It can be trusted.

Development prospects: Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency. Simply said.

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