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Our users often ask a question on the relevance of the pool’s hashrate. Sure, they are interested in its growth. After all, this indicator determines the attractiveness of the mining pool.

That’s why we asked our CTO Valeriy Marshalin this question.

– Why information about Minerall’s hashrate on different resources may differ?

Well, mostly such issue may occur on pool aggregators on a particular coin’s page, you may see different current hashrate on But it is important to understand that the comparison through aggregators and directly on the site is not objective. On the site of our pool, actual current hashrate is displayed, information is displayed in the last 15 minutes and is updated every 5 minutes. The hash rate of any pool is not stable. We may have some jumps when new miners come to the pool. There are also recessions in case of malfunctions of miners’ hardware.

– Why does this temporary difference exist?

The difference is due to the fact that the aggregators receive information by API, we update the data every 5 minutes. Aggregators are requesting information by API with different frequency. It may be less than 5 minutes or much more. That’s why they get different data to display.

In any case, the actual hashrate comparison should take place in an objective framework. For this – go to more often, you will not go wrong.

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