Weekly News Digest (12.11-19.11)

Minerall.io is on the air with the new release of news from the world of cryptocurrency. This time the news will be incredible – we guarantee.

Bitcoin is falling down

The world of cryptocurrency shakes and Bitcoin for the first time in 13 months broke the minimum. Read more

BTW: interesting point of view about falling of the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash for hard fork 

If you miss it, we remind you: 15 Nov was a hard fork for Bitcoin Cash. What does it mean? Read more

Crypto-ETP from the Alps

Switzerland will launch the world’s first crypto-ETP without any holes and cheezy smells. Read more

Chrome for safety right now!

Google Chrome now has a browser extension for secure transaction. Thank God! Read more

South Korea’s eco-blockchain

 News from Korea: Titan from the energy segment use blockchain for a next-generation micro grid. Read More, if you want to be in the trend of eco-friendly tech.

Hard Fork of  Constantinople is near!

Great news from developers of the Ethereum’s Constantinople: hard fork well postponed next few months. Read more

Stain in tune with Minerall.io! See you next week in a new digest!

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