RavenCoin at the Minerall.io

Another currency appeared in the mining pool Minerall.io – RavenСoin. We chose it from among of others for several reasons:

  • Powerful potential;
  • Low block difficulty;
  • Interesting story.

The RavenCoin project aims to create a secure and convenient cryptocurrency for mass use and fast transactions. New digital currency is essentially a fork of Bitcoin.

The main development priority is the formation of a proprietary X16R hashing algorithm. The founders of RavenCoin strive to make it resistant to ASIC devices and to preserve the availability of mining cryptocurrency on the central processor and video cards.

Compared to Bitcoin, a number of changes have also been made to the technical parameters of the cryptocurrency:

  • block formation speed – 1 minute, which to a certain extent increases the speed of data processing and transactions;
  • the mining reward is 5,000 RVN, the amount is quite large, but acceptable against the background of total emissions;
  • the maximum supply volume is 21 billion – a similar value provides the potential for large transactions, but the user reduces the demand for the cryptocurrency.

RavenCoin developers pay special attention to the publicity of the source data. Due to this, it is emphasized that anyone can take part in the development – all resources and codes are publicly available and can be used to improve the functionality of RVN.

At the user level, we should pay attention to the usability of the created RavenCoin wallet, as well as to the speed of transactions. Based on these factors, the developers are planning to make their cryptocurrency with a demanded mass consumption as a means of payment.

Work also continues on platform tools and the integration of new capabilities based on modern digital developments. On their basis, the founders of RavenCoin strive to make this money not only adaptable to the needs of users but also relevant for use in various fields of activity.

Development prospects

The developers of RavenCoin did not conduct marketing campaigns, did not attract investments through ICO, and at the same time launched a strong cryptocurrency. These aspects are perceived by analysts as extremely positive – users received an almost finished product and the opportunity to participate in its development and support it from the very beginning.

RavenCoin focused on an allowance for blockchain participants to mine in SOLO for the first two months to earn substantial amounts of this cryptocurrency. Later, several pools were formed, which complicated the single extraction of digital money data, making it dependent on electricity prices and the exchange rate.

The future plans of the project developers include not only the optimization and refinement of the technical side of RavenCoin but also the popularization of the project. Despite the lack of marketing campaigns, information on the development is provided in full on specialized resources, ensuring a gradual growth of the user base and, accordingly, the exchange rate of this cryptocurrency.

According to these factors, analysts positively assess the possibilities of long-term and short-term investments in the project. The developers of RavenCoin have proven the seriousness of the approach being implemented and the potential for development, striving to make this cryptocurrency convenient and reliable for decentralized and confidential use.

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