Minerall.io September Updates Summary

This September was quite eventful for our team. Two great conferences, in Ukraine and Georgia, the long-awaited Stratum protocol, user admin panel new design, and a lot more has been done.

User Admin Panel New Design

A significant user panel design update was made, with new features, more detailed statistics, filtering options, better UI and productivity. This new design is our vision of how genuinely user-friendly mining pool should look like and work.

The Long-Awaited Stratum Protocol

From now you can mine Ethereum or ZCash at Minerall.io not only with GPUs but with ASICs too. This update is one of the many steps we are planning to make in 2018 and further to provide our users with more mining options.


Withdraw your rewards with ZERO commission

Our team has spent a lot of time and efforts to optimize all possible aspects of Minerall.io. As a result, we reduced the withdrawal commission down to ZERO.


Minerall.io & PerfectMine Partnership

Most of all changes and updates in the pool are the results of community voting. With this in mind, we decided to collaborate with the PerfectMine OS – a powerful, rich on features, and very intuitive mining OS. How to use the Minerall.io & PerfectMine bundle

Pools’ comparison: Miners say Minerall.io is better for ETH-mining

According to the ETH-mining pools comparison, our pool is in 15% more profitable than any other pool on the market. All this is the result of low uncle rate, stable infrastructure, and modern and constantly updating algorithm. With the consent from the thread starter, we publish the results in our blog. If you want to compare Minerall.io with any other pool, please, contact us at support@minerall.io

Thanks for being with us! Stay tuned for more cool updates!

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