Minerall.io at WDMS 2018: Georgia, thanks for everything!

September 21-23, our team attended the WDMS 2018 in Georgia. We want to thank the hosts, speakers, and everybody we met with during this conference, the days we spent in Georgia were both productive and full of positive emotions. Our special thanks go to the Georgian hospitality of which everybody has long been aware, but it still manages to amaze)

So what were we doing there? A lot of meetings were booked in advanced, with miners and new possible partners (check our updates). Of course, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to listen to the guys from top world exchanges and pools. It’s a pleasure, that everybody among the mining community understands the necessity of implementing green-mining technologies and saving our nature. We at Minerall.io are definitely for it!

And a couple of photos of us)

Thanks, WDMS! Hope to get back to Georgia next year!

More conferences we visited: Blockchain UA 2018

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