Minerall.io user panel new design launches with more detailed statistics and a bunch of cool features

Minerall.io is getting a new look today, 10 months after our pool started ETH and other coins mining. The new design includes a fresh color palette, more detailed and informative statistics tabs, and some new options.

Our team spent a lot of time looking through and prioritizing all feature requests coming from our users. So, we decided not to simply add new icons or change some blocks, but to present the community with a totally updated Minerall.io – new user interface, menus, and everything you need to start mining are available in 1 click.

Our new tabs are designed to be easier for users to check their mining performance, manage payouts, etc.


The starting page, Dashboard, now includes three sections. Here you can check the detailed statistics divided by coin, good and bad shares, along with a number of active workers and the time last shares were received by the pool. Below is the graph with the last 24 hours stats on a selected coin. And the last one, the Your rewards section, is the list of all rewards you’ve mined with the Minerall.io pool.


All statistics can be grouped by date, worker, algorithm, and coins. If you need to get the detailed report for an exact day, you need to click on the link with a date.

A new feature here is an option to share your mining statistics with a link. Choose a coin and a link will be generated.


This page has four tabs:
1. Revenue: your confirmed balance and the list of all transactions.
2. Withdrawals: here you can add a withdrawal request on a sum which is equal to or more than the minimum payout sum.
3. Auto-withdrawals: here you can set up auto payouts from Minerall.io.
4. Wallet manager: here the wallets for both manual and auto- withdrawals are added. You can add up to 10 wallets for each coin and set custom names on them, so you could always find the needed wallet from your list

How to add a new wallet

Pool Info

This page includes general statistics on the performance of the Minerall.io pools. All coins, algorithms, and blocks are presented.


Here you can check your workers status. There can be three of them:
1. Active.
2. Inactive – switched off from the miner side.
3. Idle – the system was unable to ping this worker.


Here you can reset your password and find your token to activate our Telegram bot. More on our bot usage here.

This design version, of course, isn’t final. While our team has redesigned the interface greatly, we’re already thinking on new features to add. We have plans to make our pool even more user-friendly, beautiful, and profitable.

Thanks for being with us! Stay tuned for more updates!

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